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The Creatrix: A Grief Ceremony

Have you grieved enough? Have you cried enough? These are the questions asked in the Dagara tradition for grieving that this grief ceremony is based upon. 
Come sit in ceremony with your grief, open up your heart and soul to the grief that is held in your cells and cry the tears of your grief, the grief of your loved ones, community and the world held in the loving arms and supportive circle of community. 
In honor of Veterans Day the Grief Ritual will be opened up for enrollment to everyone. The Himalayan singing bowls will be played throughout the day, healing songs shared, and healing found. 
The alters will be built and the ceremonies begin at 10am to 5pm. 
Bring mementos that remind you of your loss, loved ones, dreams or hopes, whatever has been lost from your life that you grieve, even a piece of yourself, we will create an alter of remembrance and grief honoring our losses and surrendering to sorrow in order for healing. 

Surrendering to your sorrow has the power to heal the deepest of wounds ~ Sobonfu Some'
Date: November 12th, 2017
Time: 10am-5pm
Cost: Minimum $30-$50
There are 18 spots available for this offering, contact Amber to reserve yours (406-239-5596 or through Facebook Messenger)

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