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Sound Creation ~ A New Moon Ceremony w/Sacred Ally

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Let us come together in this sacred space to create an atmosphere of possibility and rebirth. The New Moon is a time for new beginnings. A time to release what needs to move and a time to focus on our creations. Together our love, our intentions and our souls purpose combine to align with the one great frequency. 

Sound is one of the most creative forces in the universe. Through sound we are able to move energy, manifest altered states of consciousness and evoke deep states of healing. The ancients knew the power of sound. They created instruments and dialects that harnessed the powers of resonance to move stone, alter matter and heal the physical and energetic body. Today, we are remembering the wisdom in sound and bringing it back into creation.
This 2 hour new moon sound ceremony will be focused on visualizing our desired potential using movement, toning and sound. We will do some gentle expansion based movement, vocal toning and then relax into an hour of Himalayan and Crystal singing bowl sound healing. 

Please wear comfortable moveable clothing. Bring your water bottle, yoga mat, comfy nesting material and your new moon intentions. 

Tickets $30/person
Doors at 6:00pm, Ceremony starts promptly at 6:30pm.

*Tickets available at: Scroll down to bottom of page to purchase event ticket through Paypal.