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Primordial Sound Meditation with ShaamaahS

ShaamaahS Meditaion in Spokane, WA, January 2017

ShaamaahS Meditaion in Spokane, WA, January 2017

Please join us at the Hummingbird Lodge on Tuesday evening, October 9, 2018, for an hour-long primordial sound meditation ~ Tea, candlelight and yoga props will be available to help you physically settle in. Please bring the makings of your own comfortable nest (i.e. yoga mat or camping pad, pillow, blanket, eye mask, etc) and a journal if you would like to set an intention for yourself or take some time to reflect at the end.

*Doors open at 6:30 p.m., Meditation begins at 7 p.m.

ShaamaahS is a solo project developed through a desire to create a primordial sound, that has the ability to engage a phenomenon called “sympathetic resonance”. This primordial sound meditation, created and performed by Ron Fearing, involves Kargyraa, Dag Kargyraa Throat Singing, matched octave Chakra specific Singing Bowls, and a Shruti Box.

The ShaamaasH experience utilizes esoteric “drone” instruments in a specific tuning that is relative to innate ratios seen within the natural world, our physiology, our solar system and ancient cultural paradigms. i.e. Fibonacci, Phi, and Pythagorean theorem. Each instrument used in this meditation combines with the others to create a unique and quite powerful experience, at each progressive level of energy body development (the Chakras). The goal of these sound meditations is to facilitate an environment where people can not only drop into themselves, and provide a meditation that has the potential to relax, improve health, and/or obtain "Trance Meditation" states.

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