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New Moon Sound Alchemy

Love your life out loud.

Hummingbird Lodge Healing Arts Center is thrilled to welcome Astara andOrion of Nebraska-based Illuminating Hearts to our magical Missoula on their 2018 Be Hear Now Tour. Come celebrate the May new moon with Organic Sound Alchemy. Let the sounds and resonance reveal the gifts of the new moon to clarify your heart’s desires and reflect the light you are into the world. This spring new moon is a good time to evaluate, define your intentions and plant seeds for the new.

Investment in you: $35 pre-paid, $40 at the door
Preregistration encouraged, seating is limited
Dress Comfortably. Bring your favorite props to create a comfy nest for the sound event: yoga mat/blanket/bolster/pillow.



Organic Sound Alchemy© is an intuitive, acoustic, in the moment and from-the-heart restorative multi-instrumental sound meditation. Musical traditions and instruments from around the world, such as didgeridoos, flutes, drums, shruti box, and singing bowls, blend in a channeled resonant journey, unique to the vibration of the group gathered.

Organic sound means no digital compression or amplification, so the sound comes to you in its full frequency. Your body is hard-wired for organic sound; being bathed in organic sound connects you to nature again. Like a musical instrument, your body can become out of tune as the day progresses or even when you wake up. Organic sound helps you "tune up" your body for more harmony and joy in your life.

Organic Sound Alchemy reconnects your heart-mind-body. The organic sound builds vagal nerve tone, stimulates gamma waves of the brain, engages the parasympathetic nervous system, and increases heart rate variability. All of this bio-intelligence creating the context in the body for healing or wholing. We provide an antidote to the over-stimulation and disconnection of our modern world. The organic sound acts as a non-invasive vibrational massage at the cellular level of the body, supporting entrainment with your self, the earth, and those around you. This creates a state of coherence that occurs when your mind, heart and body work together more harmoniously with the planet.

Organic Sound Alchemy is an invitation into mindfulness, dropping you into the expansive present moment, which helps you alchemize your Self. Together, in cultivated resonance, move from chronos (chronological time) into the gifts of kairos (deep time) and contemplation. The ancient instruments invite you into presence. Come home to your soul in the eternal now. Be. Hear. Now.

Illuminating Hearts is a Nebraska-based collaboration to help you imagine, solve, create and live from the intelligence of the heart. Collaborators Astara(Lily Marie Livingston) and Orion (Ryan Lee Muff) cross-pollinate between channeled organic sound and energy tuning, between science and spirituality, between theory and the experiential. We weave together acoustics, metaphysics, meditation, mysticism, shamanism, bio-energetics and biophilic (nature-centered) design to provide an array of wellness services. Together, Astara and Orion facilitate personalized and group sessions, guiding participants to the wisdom, creativity and healing within them.

Earlier Event: May 16
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