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Chakra Workshop + Sound Meditation w/ShaamaahS

Ron Fearing will be back at the Lodge this January, as promised, with a longer, more interactive sound meditation workshop, focused on the Chakras which comprise our energy body.

This workshop is designed to be accessible by all levels of yogic, and meditative pursuits and will cover these subjects:

• Sound meditation theory involving both esoteric and analytical approaches.

• Spinal Pranayamic breath via Shushumna visualization.

• Chakra energy point stimulation via visualization and “brushing / stirring” techniques.

• Chakra Bija Mantra toning and optional Mudra exercises.

• Breath Awareness, focusing Mantra, and optional 3rd eye “lock”.

These exercises will be followed by a one-hour Chakra sound meditation. Students will have an opportunity to either lay in Svasana, or stay up in seated meditation to include optional Chakra visualization, Mudra, and 3rd eye lock. All attendees with receive a high resolution 1hr long Himalayan bowl Chakra meditation and “cheat sheet” with Chakra descriptions, Mudra, and Mantras.

Students will leave this class with the ability to practice, and develop their own personal meditation practice.

**Doors open at 6 pm. Workshop will being promptly at 6:30. Please bring your own yoga mat or camping pad to sit on, as well as a pillow if you prefer to lie down for the one hour meditation portion of the class. Bolsters and wool blankets are available for all at the space. A journal and favorite writing utensil are also suggested.

***Pre-registration is requested for this event. You can reserve your space by purchasing tickets in advance through the link below. Please fill out the form on our Contact page if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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