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Heart-Centered Breathwork

Heart-Centered Breathwork with Missoula’s Chuck Wayland, LSCW, and Bozeman-based healer and therapist, Stacey Tompkins ~

Come explore the wonders of Heart-Centered Breathwork: 85 minutes of conscious connected breathing while listening to evocative music. The patterned breathing and music elicit non-ordinary states of consciousness that can lead to profound insights and transformational healing opportunities. Each Breathwork session is as unique at the participants and words rarely do justice to the experience. Most participants at the end of a session report feeling more relaxed, open, and rejuvenated. This is deep healing work, so participants should be prepared that this requires a significant level of vulnerability and safety.

Questions? Or to register, please contact Chuck at chwayland1@gmail or 406-396-7834.

Investment in you: $45 per person

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