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Radiant Yin Yoga Training with Martha Piersma

The Radiant Yin Yoga Teacher Training, offered by Martha Piersma RYT500, Yin Master Teacher and Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher, is a unique experience to deepen your overall yoga practice and to encourage an understanding of your power, which is always flowing everywhere in your body. You will touch tissues rarely touched in a more active, yang style of yoga. When you sense the currents of pranashakti flowing through your body we naturally respond with awe, wonder, and delight. Awe is healing. Yin Yoga is healing and balancing for this fast paced world we live in.

Most yoga classes that are offered in the studios in your area are yang infused. And while this is wonderful, it's only addressing some of the tissues in the body, the muscles. We need both yin and yang expressions in order for us to be in a state of homeostasis. Yin Yoga is healing for your connective tissues, joints and organs. And now you can learn to teach a safe and engaging Yin Yoga class. Your class sizes will increase with the offering of Yin Yoga. You will attract new students because of your offerings of balanced practices.

Yin asanas are longer holds, low to the ground and lend themselves well to a meditative experience. The Radiance Sutras is a text that is earthy, intimate and awe inspiring. Martha will share ways of weaving the Sutras into your Yin classes, which offer ways of changing stiffness into fluidity, replacing density with shimmering energy. As you engage with opening the channels of energy in your body you will naturally be infused with the Divine.

Teaching is learning! Our journey here is an ongoing conversation with ourselves and this opens us to a deeper connection with our students. In my 10 years of teaching yoga and 15 years of a personal practice, intimacy and acceptance with myself has opened up a whole new world of connection with my students. A connection steeped in Love.

You will receive 32 contact hours and 8 non-contact hours for a 40 hour training certification through Yoga Alliance.

Pay in full by August 25 for early bird pricing of $600
After August 25 $650

Visit for full description and schedule of the training.

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